Client Log-in

Our log in section is exclusive to our clients and allows them access to all the important documentation associated with the service and repair of their BOP.


Red Deer Well Control offers repair and servicing for all types of BOP's as well as choke and kill lines, safety valves and manifolds.



Our company prides itself on repairing and servicing all jobs in a professional and efficient manner, while upholding the highest safety standards.



Integrated is a OEM manufacturer of BOP, RAM, ANNULAR, ELASTOMERS and various other parts.  RED DEER WELL CONTROL is the authorized repair facility for Integrated BOP.  If you need any parts or BOP service on your Integrated equipment or any other type of BOP please don't hesitate to call RED DEER WELL CONTROL.

bop's and parts

We offer Integrated annular's, Single and Double Gate BOP's ranging in size from 7-1/16" to 13-5/8".  All BOP's are manufactured down in Houston Texas, with all API monograms and ISO 9001 Certs.